PPHI Press Kit

PPHI Press Kit

It is our mission at Proventix to be helpful. In order to assist you with your external communications as it relates to PPHI, the following items have been prepared for your communications team to use. We recognize you might not need all or even any of this but it is available to you should you need it.

As always, press and communications efforts are never as easy as one, two, three. We make no promise that these tools are going to serve you perfectly or will even be what your facility needs. You have to consider your local market, local situation and how you best communicate with your community. These are intended only to offer you a head start.

  • Sample Press Release – prepared for you to have a head start, it’s always easier to edit rather than to cut and paste
  • nGage One Pager – this is a brief description of the Proventix nGage system, press might use it for facts
  • Media Guide and Kit – these documents are for your internal use, they contain content and ideas that help understand the system, it shares some facts and details. These tools are to help YOU be able to answer questions you might be asked
  • b-roll – footage that can be used for TV or internally on closed circuit TV for your own communications.

Both a statewide and a national press release will be distributed on the day of the conference, Tuesday, April 3, 2012. Your local press and community outreach efforts may gain momentum through local press coordination and as follow up with these events.

Please let us know how we may further aid your media efforts. Please contact us at mediarelations@proventix.com or call 205-383-2122 and ask for Amanda. As always it is our desire to serve and help you achieve your goals. We hope this is helpful.