A reduction in healthcare-associated infections comparing rates pre-intervention and post-intervention
Leaders of a hospital implemented the nGage™ system in a solid organ transplant unit and a surgical oncology unit. They sought meaningful performance metrics to establish a hand hygiene adherence feedback and accountability program including active executive and unit leadership, goal-setting and an accountability campaign using individual compliance rates.  Leaders […]

Automated monitoring, consistent feedback and accountability improve hand hygiene outcomes

The past few years have been challenging for healthcare, but there are some passionate and innovative healthcare leaders who are transforming and improving the delivery of healthcare. Proventix has had the opportunity to work with healthcare leadership who recognize the importance of thinking outside the box and work to drive […]

Developing transformative leaders in healthcare

Currently, most hospitals isolate patients with infections such as MRSA.  This practice can cost millions annually and often results in patient anxiety, depression and fewer visits by healthcare workers.  A study by Virginia Commonwealth University shows that infection rates can be drastically reduced by simply increasing hand hygiene compliance, saving the hospital money […]

Study shows how high hand hygiene compliance directly impacts infection ...

In today’s world, knowledge is abundant in every field, and we have vast amounts of information to make our lives easier that was unavailable just a few decades ago. This amount of knowledge has also complicated processes and systems, and healthcare is no exception. Atul Gawande, surgeon and health journalist, […]

How to make systems work in healthcare