Part 1: Improving hand hygiene through movement design

In a recent article by Rachel Lehrer, a dancer and designer, she discusses how to improve hand hygiene compliance by optimizing body movements.

“Hospital staff, with all of their limitations, are drawn to creative solutions. Their need to satisfy patients, superiors and protocols for 12 hour shifts require regular feats of physical gymnastics. Not only are these feats going unacknowledged but they are also going unstudied. In a society driven by sight, our own physical behaviors are under examined and under designed. For me, physical behaviors frame the problem, research and solution. Rather than creating systems to observe or remind people to strive for nearly impossible goals in a poorly designed environment, designers need to grapple with all the good reasons why health care workers aren’t sanitizing their hands and look to the staff for solutions. Patients and health care workers deserve more from design.”

On the surface, hand hygiene compliance seems simple. However, compelling compliance is not a lack of desire on the healthcare worker’s part, but rather a work-flow issue. Proventix is working hard to further understand these issues and to create systems that improve compliance and create healthcare worker efficiency.

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