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MERS continues to spread


The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has spread to South Korea from the Middle East. According to the World Health Organization, consistent application of adequate measures for infection prevention and control has kept other clusters of cases associated with health care facilities from spreading. Hand hygiene continues to play a key role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases like MERS.

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Ebola and hand hygiene


With the Ebola virus disease outbreaks, proper infection prevention has been in the spotlight. Hand hygiene is an essential component in protecting patients, family members and healthcare workers and preventing the spread of the Ebola virus in an outbreak. Neglecting to perform proper hand hygiene after removing personal protective equipment can reduce or negate the benefits of wearing the protective equipment. Automated hand hygiene monitoring is a tool to ensure compliance and to prevent the further spread of this deadly virus.

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The Most Hand Hygiene Data in the World?

Largest database of hand hygiene events

We have incredible clients dedicated to putting their patients first. Because of their commitment to patient safety and hand hygiene, our nGage system has captured over 80 million hand washing events.

Proventix clients benefit from this massive amount of hand hygiene data and from our experience in interpreting that data. Our clients have experienced average daily increases in soap/sanitizer usage by 9% and average compliance increases by 13% for every 100 days following nGage implementation.

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Featured Client Peer-Reviewed Interventions

Many of our clients choose to share their stories of success through abstract submissions.  Visit our Library page to view our client peer-reviewed interventions.

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More than Hand Hygiene – Focused on Patient Safety and Patient Satisfaction – Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics

Hand Hygiene Patient Safety

Touch is inherent to healthcare: shaking a hand, taking a pulse, measuring blood pressure. Each of these points of contact is an opportunity to prevent or spread an infectious disease.

nGage, a point-of-care compliance monitoring and communication device infrastructure, improves hand hygiene compliance and reduces the human and economic losses associated with illness. Proventix is unique from other hand hygiene monitoring companies by being very clinically and outcomes-focused.

About Proventix

Proventix Systems, Inc. created the nGage system, an RFID technology solution. Beginning with hand hygiene and then expanding services to include hourly rounding, quality monitoring, and workflow improvement, Proventix provides the analytics and action plans needed for hospitals to maximize their resources and minimize never events and inefficient processes.

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